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Guess who made a comic? C’est moi! This will hopefully make up for the fact that I got too bogged down on Wednesday to post. You should go check out the final version on the doodles section on my site.

I figure that I’ll post comics as I come across fodder for them, this was an actual conversation Paul and I had last night. So, that means next week I might have a doodle of a friend, OR maybe a comic. Huzzah for the element of surprise!

Also, I have to take my laptop in to get checked out. It’s been acting buggy, but it’s still under the Apple care warranty (thank goodness). So my doodle post next week will likely be towards the end of the week as long as I have my lappy back by then.

“It’s like a political MST3K…”


Surprise random post!!! Ok yeah, so it’s not wednesday…but it’s thursday. And there just so happens to be the second South Carolina debate (yes, they had TWO) tonight.

This doodle was made from a conversation I had with my friend Mark, it made me laugh pretty hard, because it’s soo true.

(MST3K = mystery science theater 3000. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the wiki:

When I made it yesterday I wasn’t expecting to wake up to news of Perry possibly pulling out. So he’s got question marks around him.

If you’re like me, and you hate discussing politics, but love drinking to political gaffs, then you should follow us at Debate Drinking on twitter tonight, and check out our rules on the best republican primary debate drinking game website ever made — It’s non-partisan, and pro-beer, so everyone can have fun!

My friend Dan started it, and I’ve been helping him out with tweeting it. It’s been lots of fun, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’ve even got plans for something for the State of the Union address!

Happy Drinking!

Let the wookie win




I don’t think Bacca would be good at interstellar claymation-monster chess, but she would still win based on the fact that she’s adorable.
She’s our real-life dog. We got her at SICSA, a local dog shelter in Kettering, a little over a year and a half ago.

Her superpower is melting everybody’s hearts in a 5 foot radius. And she really does sit like that, with her paws crossed.
The final/colored version is over on the doodle section of my site, go see how it turned out!


Hello, world

Hai. My name is Katie, and this is my blog. I’m a graphic designer living in Dayton Ohio. I’ve got a husband and a dog and a house, and everything else is undetermined.

Between looking for freelance design work and looking for full-time positions, my new years resolution last year was to build my own website. I taught myself basic html and css with the help of some friends and now, a year later, I’m taking what feels like an even bigger step. This is my 2012 new years resolution: blogging, posting things, making a cozy home for my stuff on the web that’s more substantial than my nerdy tweets.

I’m leaning towards posting on wednesdays, but we’ll see how that goes. I will post behind the scenes and process work of my doodles, which I love making, and people love seeing. I want to make them better, I want to make them awesome, and I believe this is the way to do it. I’ll start off posting doodles of my friends and we’ll see how that goes.

I also plan to have posts about design, and marketing, and things that really make me think. For instance, I’m currently sitting in the conference hallway of CodeMash, a developers conference hosted in Sandusky, OH. Completely out of my element, but the experience is fascinating. I really want to write about it when I get home. But, doodles first, nerdy pondering second.