4 months later…



Oh how time flies.

All of the sudden it’s been 4 months and I barely have any doodles to show for it. But I’ve gotten plenty of life adventures under my belt. More than ever before, I’m pretty sure. We drove to Maryland for a wedding, drove up to Pennsylvania to visit family quite often, visited my best buds up in Cleveland a few times and I got to attend Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. More recently, I drove to Chicago to see my 3rd-5th grade BFF & pen pal. (While I was there I also got to catch the Lichtenstein Retrospective–it was amazing to say the least–). And, that letter to the editor? The DDN published it on Saturday, May 12 on page A11! I got so much great feedback from people all over the community, and reaffirmed the idealistic notion that people still pick up their local paper every now and then.

As for doodling, I’m slowly but surely getting back on the horse. I’m trying to not crash when I get home, and instead set aside time for personal projects. It’s been working. I’m experimenting more with brushes and textures and getting more comfortable with my Bamboo. I’m more comfortable in photoshop than I’ve ever been, and it used to be my most-avoided program (InDesign 4 lyfe). I think my style is getting closer to where I want it to be, and that’s always a good thing. My boob-lines look way too blue, must have to do with web colors vs. cmyk. They aren’t that blue on Facebook or Twitter, I swear.

I’ve got one more big summer adventure coming up, perhaps I’ll make something about it soon :)