Oh Canada…Oh America

So the next big adventure? Yup. It was Canada. Ottowa, to be exact. I was lucky enough to convince Paul to take me and see the Van Gogh: Up Close exhibit before the pieces went back to their respective museums, never to be seen again. Having been a complete Van Gogh nerd since I was in elementary school (for one of my birthdays, my mom found a “pin-the-ear-on-van-gogh” game. Gallows humor, yes, awesome mom? double yes), it was one of those once in a lifetime exhibits that I felt I HAD to see. And I’m so glad we went. It was really amazing. And Ottowa is a busy little town, with fantastic food, and gorgeous sightseeing. It made for a wonderful weekend.

Now, back to America. As most everyone knows. we’re 7 days from the first presidential debate of the 2012 election season. Needless to say, some pretty exciting things are happening over at Debate Drinking, mainly the best presidential debate drinking game ever made. So keep checking up, awesome things are bound to happen.

Also also exciting, following the debate, I’ll be in Washington D.C. next week. Two days full of the museums we didn’t have time for during our Honeymoon. I’m pretty ecstatic.