Politics & Puppets

What do political debates and sock puppets have in common? The internet loves both of them when alcoholic beverages are involved.

We’re getting ready for the Veep debate on Thursday (Oct. 11, mark your calendars!!), so if you missed playing along during round one of the debates, you can still join us for round two with our VP Debate Drinking Game. The twittersphere has been sending us suggestions for drink words left and right, so it’s gonna be a great list :)

If you missed the video outlining the first debate’s rules, check it out. We had so much fun we’re making another one for the Veep debate!

In other news, my DC trip was awesome. I got to catch up with a few friends, eat some spectacular food, and fill my eyeballs with art museums. DC sure is a buzzing place, and while I miss the metro, I’m glad to be back home with Bacca.