KBB Friends: Mark



First friend doodle! Woot!

Some backstory to this doodle. I made this doodle a few months ago, kind of as my first attempt to tackle drawing my friends. The thought came to me while I was discussing my normally weird dreams with my friend Mark. He always winds up in my dreams doing something weird, or telling me to go somewhere, so he joked that he was my Indian Spirit Guide (a la Waynes World 2), and the image in my head was too funny to not jot down. Check out how the final version looks on my portfolio site.

I included staples of his wardrobe (his oxblood doc martens and an orangey-plaid button up his girlfriend had dubbed his “i can’t quit you” shirt in college) and that made it pretty fun, mostly drawing the shirt. I haven’t seen it in years but I’m pretty sure I got the color scheme exactly right. It was one of my first re-drawings using my wacom bamboo tablet, so it was a little wobbly. I wound up using more color than outline, which I liked as well and used that style again when I doodled the republican candidates.

Because it was one of my first ones, I like looking back on it because it reminds me how much I learned when I just sat there with my wacom for an extended period of time. Being able to create characters on a sticky note and then being able to create them again via tablet is a hurdle for me. It’s almost like learning how to use a pen all over again. But it’s a reminder that if I keep playing it will eventually get loads easier.

domesticated nerds



Guess who made a comic? C’est moi! This will hopefully make up for the fact that I got too bogged down on Wednesday to post. You should go check out the final version on the doodles section on my site.

I figure that I’ll post comics as I come across fodder for them, this was an actual conversation Paul and I had last night. So, that means next week I might have a doodle of a friend, OR maybe a comic. Huzzah for the element of surprise!

Also, I have to take my laptop in to get checked out. It’s been acting buggy, but it’s still under the Apple care warranty (thank goodness). So my doodle post next week will likely be towards the end of the week as long as I have my lappy back by then.

Let the wookie win




I don’t think Bacca would be good at interstellar claymation-monster chess, but she would still win based on the fact that she’s adorable.
She’s our real-life dog. We got her at SICSA, a local dog shelter in Kettering, a little over a year and a half ago.

Her superpower is melting everybody’s hearts in a 5 foot radius. And she really does sit like that, with her paws crossed.
The final/colored version is over on the doodle section of my site, go see how it turned out!